Establishing our new venture in Saudi Arabia & Gulf countries as “MyCare – Saudi Arabia”

February 2, 2021

Establishing our new venture in Saudi Arabia & Gulf countries as “MyCare – Saudi Arabia”


MyCare is an eHealthcare platform providing healthcare solutions to all the patients who are looking for health treatment. MyCare is registered on both Play Store and App Store. We have our presence in countries like India, USA, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Zambia. MyCare app has assisted several patients who are looking for health treatment on the time. We do believe in making the lives of people much better by providing the latest and advanced healthcare solutions at their fingertips.

“MyCare is now spreading  wings in Joint Venture Partnership with AI Bawariq Al Arabia Group for the Saudi Arabia & Gulf Regions.”


How MyCare can help Medical Industry in Saudi Arabia?

Medical treatment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is largely provided by the Ministry of Health. Primary, secondary, and tertiary medical services are administered by the Government of Saudi Arabia. According to a recent study, Saudi Arabia has by far the highest spending on healthcare in the Gulf region, with USD 37.7 billion. Private healthcare investment in Saudi Arabia is also the largest in the Gulf region at more than USD 9 billion, led by USD 4 billion in the UAE.

Whether it is the kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any other country, many patients out there always have to figure out the traveling cost while visiting a clinic or a hospital, which is also a time-consuming process. However, to help all the citizens of Saudi Arabia in these difficult times, we have brought the MyCare Saudi Arabia app where you will be consulted by a doctor or hospital through your mobile device. Online doctors will be available 24/7 providing better medical assistance to the patients who are in need. MyCare has also restricted the process of patients going out to buy medicines or performing any laboratory test. How? Well, our app has e-prescriptions availability where Doctors will forward prescriptions to the pharmacy, and later it will be delivered to patients. The same goes with laboratory tests, there will be executives who will visit your home for performing the test, and the lab test reports will be auto sync with EHR system. For making it more specific for you, I’ve listed down the features of MyCare Saudi Arabia app:

  1. Two and three-way online video consultation.
  2. The patient can connect with doctors via chat or video call to discuss their case.
  3. A Patient can save their medical data digitally and can share it with doctors.
  4. Doctor can record their own voice and share it with a patient for any guidance.
  5. Doctors can send E-prescription to the patient in digital format.
  6. MyCare provides a completely safe and digitalized payment system.
  7. MyCare follow HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance
  8. Our app has a dedicated EMH button where patients can connect with senior doctors in the hospital and can receive medical treatment in emergency cases.


We all have been suffered from a minor fever, cold, or weakness to a major disease once in a while. It really becomes difficult for the person to travel or visit a clinic in such a condition and then collecting medicines from the pharmacy. MyCare Saudi Arabia will effectively provide medical and healthcare solutions to the patients. Patients have to simply sit at their home, a check-up will be performed through our doctors or hospitals, and later medicines will be sent to the patient’s home respectively. Thus, MyCare is a Unified Healthcare system for the betterment of Health of a Global Citizen.

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