MyCare Associate with Medkart to Provide the Doorstep Delivery in Ahmadabad

MyCare Associate with Madkart to Provide the Doorstep Delivery in Ahmadabad
May 3, 2020

MyCare Associate with Medkart to Provide the Doorstep Delivery in Ahmadabad

As we all know that now the world is fighting against the coronavirus COVID-19 crises and it is a big challenge for the healthcare system. Many countries and cities are in lock-down and peoples are stuck in their homes. In this pandemic situation telemedicine & online doctor, consultation is pretty good in spot.

We are glad to announce that “MyCare” is associate with the “MedKart” to provide the doorstep delivery n Ahmedabad.

Our new innovation in the healthcare industry “MyCare” helps peoples to get the right care at their homes in the time of lockdown & social distasting.  In this sensitive situation, MyCare provides health care services distantly and patient-users can take care of their health without visiting the doctor’s place and hospital along with that patient get their medicine without visiting the pharmacy.

What is MyCare Pharmacy?

MyCare is the platform where the patient connects with their doctors and consult their doctors via video calling and chat. Once the doctor has sent a prescription containing the specifics of the medication after video consultation, the patient will be able to send their prescriptions directly to their favorite local MYCARE pharmacies by just one button. MyCare’s electronic prescription functionality allows you to send your prescription quickly and efficiently, and pharmacies will send you prescription summary & quotes within minutes. All medical data is stored securely in the patient’s medical passport so that you can easily access your important medical data whenever you want. Pharmacies can also send medicines directly to the patient’s home.

Benefits of MyCare Pharmacy:

Inbound Inquiry

Zero (0) Investment

Easily manage all of your patient prescriptions at one place

Scan patients’ prescriptions easily with My Care electronic prescription facility

See a patient’s prescription

Save prescriptions

Save appointments

MyCare follows the HIPPA & GDPR compliances so, all patient’s data is secure, getting rid of the fear of a breach of your sensitive information

What is MedKart?

MedKart is online pharmacies that provide the best quality medicines at rock bottom rates. Also provides medicines online delivery & generic medicines from the best companies in India at unmatched rates.

Make your healthcare life easier wherever you are, The latest version of the My Care application is available on the app store and play store. Download at any time from anywhere.

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