Register as a Doctor:

The excellent news for doctors/specialists is that your online appointment or booking for in person consultation is just one click away!

For this, you will need to do is download the MyCare Doctor App and then click on the register button located at the bottom of the app.

Fill in all the required details and once you have been verified as a doctor you will be able to start seeing your patients within 24hrs!

Note: Please choose a Singular option when you are registering in the MyCare Doctor App.

Register as a Doctor working in Hospitals:

Ask the Hospital to choose the online form of a hospital through the MyCare Hospital App: Hospital form

Then, you may download the My Care Doctor app. Click on the Register button at the bottom of the app. Fill in the necessary details and select a hospital from the Hospital List.

After the verification process, you will now be ready for your online appointments at the specific Hospital you have selected.

Note: Please select the Hospital option when you are registering in the My Care Doctor App.

Link Below!